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  • Sociological Perspectives on Work and Profession


    Welcome to Sociological Perspectives on Work and Profession Course

    This course deals with the sociology of work, profession and industry, division of labor and analysis of professions from a sociological perspective, understanding work and professions from the perspective of politics and power, labor market relations with vocational and technical education and training institutions, application of sociological perspectives in understanding work and life’s career, study of sociological institutions related to work and profession, and the interaction of these institutions with other sociological processes and phenomena. It also focuses on providing students with theoretical and empirical knowledge about the analytical skills of work and the profession as a sociological institution and a social process. The concepts include: society and sociology, work and profession as a sociological institution and social process, the sociological theories in understanding work and profession, power and politics in the division of labor, justice and equality in work and professions.

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  • Module 1: Sociology of work, concepts of perspective and sociological perspective, work and society, and sociological perspectives.

  • Module 2: People and professions, the development of the phenomenon of work, industry from a sociological point of view, industrial sociology, theory, work and society, scientific management, psychological management and human management.

  • Module 3: work, organization and institution, the relationship between societal institutions and work institutions, unions.

  • Module 4: Industrial and technological revolutions, labor process analysis, division of labor according to different perspectives, description of work and worker.

  • Module 5: professions and society, the profession in the sociological heritage, the career in the structure of professions, the horizontal and vertical aspects in the structure of professions, description and occupational classification.

  • Module 6: The division of labor from a gender perspective (men and women), work in Palestine compared to the region and the world.